Julia Berezina

Born in Russia, raised in Israel and based in Berlin.
Studied photography and media in The NB School of Design in Israel. For the past years worked with various clients and shot fashion, food, interior design, lifestyle and people.


Monto Creatives
Co-Owner, Photographer, Videographer
Monto Creatives Sep. 2019 -

Owner, Photographer, Videographer & Video Editor
Julia Berezina Photography Jul. 2014 -

We tend to remember when we realize we lose time. The process of loss is the strongest memory trigger. It’s like a tiny silver bell accidentally moved by an occasional, almost involuntary touch. The transience of everything is my biggest fear. I declare war on it every time I touch the camera. Time may be the most solvent thing we can think of, yet, it's like an energy which can neither be created nor destroyed, and it’s the only resource which was here, is here and will be here long after we won’t. Don't get me wrong here, this is not an apocalyptically pessimistic point of view. It is life, beautifully and tragically sculptured. I just want to hold on to it as long as I can. As long as it’s here for me. For us.


B.Ed. Fine Arts - Photography & Media
The Neri Bloomfield School of Design Oct. 2010 - Jun. 2014